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Okay so someone has to tell the TRUTH might as well be Josh....Just because you are RELATED by BLOOD doesn't mean you're FAMILY! For some reason FAMILY seems to feel WE'RE BLOOD SO IM ENTITLED. Think that they can DO YOU ANY KIND OF WAY and you're supposed to just FORGIVE then LET GO! As long as you're on the SAME LEVEL as them everything is fine. Most of them only CALL YOU when they NEED SOMETHING not just to CHECK ON YOU. Lord forbid you decide to WANT BETTER FOR YOURSELF. That's when the TRUE COLORS come out. Don't find no good MAN/WOMAN. They will do everything in their power to bring your relationship down. To make sure you're just as MISERABLE as they are. These days STRANGERS will LOVE and SUPPORT you more than family. A lot of us have great ideas and could become millionaires. Why doesn't it come to light? Because not only do we choose to hire FAMILY we listen to the NEGATIVITY that they speak. They'll say things like THATS STUPID, WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT and YOU'RE CRAZY. They'll go to everyone else in the family and GOSSIP about you. But the minute you SUCCEED those same ones that doubted will have their HANDS OUT. If you wish to be SUCCESSFUL do yourself a favor CUT THEM OFF and focus on YOU watch how BRIGHT YOU SHINE! #Scraightup

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