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Its not the ENEMIES you have to WORRY about...Its FAMILY

These days its never the ENEMIES you have to worry about. Its the ones that are CLOSEST to you. The ones that say I LOVE YOU EVERYDAY. Family used to mean something. They would ride for you be there for you. But today all you have to do is WANT BETTER FOR YOURSELF and their TRUE COLORS are revealed. They will attempt to SABATOGE anything you do. Instead of SUPPORT you get RESISTANCE. They'll say you're BOUJEE or THINK YOU BETTER than everyone else. All because you want better for your life. They say BLOOD is THICKER than WATER. But STRANGERS become FAMILY everyday. WATER with a tad bit of PEROXIDE...WASHES AWAY BLOOD. Stop feeling like you are OBLIGATED to a TOXIC FAMILY. You don't get to CHOOSE YOUR FAMILY you're born into it. However as an ADULT you get to CHOOSE YOUR PEACE! #Scraightup #Family #ToxicFamily #Life #Advice #Barz

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