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They don't DATE these days they KICK IT!

Okay so someone has to tell the TRUTH might as well be Josh.....Dating is a LOST ART its an ENDANGERED SPECIES. These days people MEET ONLINE, DM DAILY, FLIRT ON POSTS then finally one day when they are LONELY decide to meet up. Mind you they only know each other by their SCREEN NAMES! They know nothing about each other. They form a PERCEPTION of who that person is by the way they interact on social media. Most of which is FABRICATION.

So now they meet up. They forget that part of dating is HAVING A SOBER MIND. Where do they meet? At a BAR or the infamous NETFLIX & CHILL. What are they doing SMOKING MARIJUANA, SHOTS OF ALCOHOL and maybe even a few PILLS. All of those things are CLOUDING JUDGEMENT.

Now you have SEX. It felt so good you cant wait to do it again. You probably repeat that nights event several times. Next thing you know PREGNANT! You mad at her because she wants to keep the baby. She mad at you because you want no parts. Now an innocent baby has to watch parents who are completely IRRESPONSIBLE indulge in TOXICITY.

This all can be avoided if you DATE WITH A PURPOSE, DATE WITH YOUR LEGS CLOSED, DATE WITH YOUR D**K IN YOUR PANTS and DATE WITH A SOBER MIND. What do you mean Josh? Dating means asking critical questions, having intimate moments(for you men intimacy is so much more than sex). It means learning if you can grow together if you match if you can build. How will you ever know this if you never DATE you KICK IT? #Scraightup #Barz

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