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Mental Health is REAL!

Okay so someone has to tell the TRUTH might as well be Josh...MENTAL HEALTH is not only an ISSUE it is VERY REAL. Our community for some reason doesn't believe in COUNSELING or GETTING HELP. We are raised to SUCK IT UP or GET OVER IT. Instead of us ENCOURAGING someone with obvious mental health issues we TALK ABOUT, HUMILIATE and CRITICIZE THEM. By the time someone realizes how SEVERE it really is ITS TOO LATE. DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, BIPOLAR and POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDERS(to name a few) are REAL. There is NOTHING WRONG with SEEKING HELP. We must learn to UPLIFT our people instead of taking every chance we get to KICK THEM WHEN THEY'RE DOWN. Learn to be NICE and HOSPITABLE. Why? Because you never know what someone is going through. While you're in your car honking, cursing and giving folks the bird. Just know that could be the final straw that makes someone SNAP(we saw the movie "UNHINGED" right?) When you see someone posting rants on social media don't just LAUGH and GOSSIP to anyone who will listen. Reach out to them

PRIVATELY and talk to them. You just might be SAVING SOMEONE'S LIFE. #ScraightUp

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