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The life and times of SOCIAL MEDIA!

Okay so someone has to tell the TRUTH might as well be Josh....I will never understand why people POST THEIR BUSINESS then get mad when someone responds. Did you want SYMPATHY? SOME ATTENTION? Once you post it on SOCIAL MEDIA it is now OUR BUSINESS! It is now OUR DUTY to speak on it. No we are not SUGAR COATING it we're giving it to you RAW and UNCUT. If you don't like it THEN DONT POST YOUR BUSINESS. Then we have the people who TAKE MEMES SERIOUSLY. Everyone is LAUGHING having a good time. Then here comes someone in their FEELINGS typing a whole COLLEGE ESSAY in AP FORMAT. Boooooo!!! If you don't take your DEBBIE DOWNER tail on somewhere. Then we have all the MEN who are consistently acting like they're RICH! Calm down dude we know you stay with your mama! If you're SAVING YOUR ALLOWANCE just say that. We have the women who TWERK HALF NAKED in stories and post all SEXUALLY PROVOCATIVE POSTS. Then get mad at men coming for them. THEY SO THIRSTY and DISRESPECTFUL is what they say. Newsflash just in you're THIRSTY FOR ATTENTION you're getting WHAT YOU ASKED FOR!! Why should they respect you exactly? Lets not forget the folks who are SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS on EVERYTHING! Oh and those of you who WRITE OUT MEMES so people believe it came from you...YOU'RE WEIRD!! SOCIAL MEDIA is absolutely ENTERTAINING. Yes you can be WHOEVER YOU WISH! So many people get on here LYING about who they are. I wonder do they ever stop and think....PEOPLE REALLY KNOW ME IN REAL LIFE. The life and times of SOCIAL MEDIA! #ScraightUp #socialmedia #blog #entertainment

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Josh Scraightup
Josh Scraightup
Apr 13, 2022


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